Tikesh Verma

Tikesh Verma

Working at 7-eleven GSC

tenancy score


Details of tenant that are verified:
Home town Address: CHHATTISGARH.
Email: tikeshverma2494@gmail.com
Phone number: 9806020566

Tenant details

Tikesh Verma is a talented working professional, currently employed at 7-eleven GSC. He is a first-time tenant in Bangalore, having moved to the city for job purposes in Bhartiya City. Prior to this, he worked at TCS in Pune. Tikesh is a bachelor and a non-vegetarian, who enjoys good food and cooking. He is also an avid artist with a passion for drawing and painting, and enjoys staying active by playing basketball. Tikesh is a responsible and reliable tenant who is committed to maintaining a positive living environment. Any owner would be glad to have him as a tenant, given his friendly and respectful demeanor, and his commitment to being a good tenant. With his diverse interests and friendly personality, Tikesh is sure to make a great addition to any community.

Regularity in rent payment
Bill payments
Maintenance of rooms
Cleanliness of house
Kitchen maintenance
Society behaviour

References about the tenant

Would like to call her a buddy rather than a tenant .Good person and exceptional tenant

Excellent tenant maintained the house very well.would love to have her again as tenant 

No troubles having as a tenant.was good 

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