Agreement Scan

LWBL initiative to help tenants find solutions to their tenancy Problems.
Get your RENT agreements checked by a legal representative to identify discrepancies,Exit terms, any biased terms & conditions, hidden charges, deposit deductions,Damage liability,Society terms, etc…
Tenants having any issues with owners/brokers are requested to share their agreements for verification with details about the issue .LWBL legal team will check your agreement and suggest necessary actions that you can take to solve your problem.
Suggestions would also be shared so that tenants can be cautious during their tenancy term and avoid issues with their owners/agents.

WHY you need to get your agreement Scanned?

  • detect for biased terms and hidden charges
  • Deductions in deposit money
  • To get clarity on exit terms
  • Get understanding of the charges levied on tenants during tenancy term
  • Liability of tenants
  • Validation of the agreement etc..
GET your agreement Scanned by experts now

If facing an issue with agreement scan submission contact

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