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prakhar agarwal

Engineer at MiQ

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Details of tenant that are verified:
Hometown Address: Jaipur
Phone number: (954) 953-9677

Tenant details

Prakhar Agarwal, originally from Jaipur, is a young working professional currently working as an engineer at MiQ in Bangalore. As a first-time tenant in Bangalore, Prakhar is looking for a comfortable and affordable place to call home. He is a vegetarian and a bachelor. Prakhar’s top priority is to find a house with basic amenities such as water, electricity backup, parking, and furnished. He prefers a friendly owner who can provide him with a comfortable and safe living space. He is willing to pay up to 20k as rent for his ideal house.

As a responsible tenant, Prakhar is punctual and ensures timely payment of his rent. He is a dedicated worker and spends most of his time at work. During his free time, he enjoys reading and exploring new places. Prakhar is a clean and organized individual, who takes good care of his surroundings. His calm and peaceful nature makes him an ideal tenant for any owner. Any owner who welcomes Prakhar as a tenant can rest assured that their house will be in safe and responsible hands.

Regularity in rent payment
Bill payments
Maintenance of rooms
Cleanliness of house
Kitchen maintenance
Society behaviour

References about the tenant

Would like to call him a buddy rather than a tenant .Good person and exceptional tenant

Excellent tenant maintained the house very well.would love to have him again as tenant 

No troubles having as a tenant.was good 

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