Hemant bhakt


working professional at Amazon

tenancy score


Details of tenant that are verified:
Address: kolkata
Email: hemant.bhakta95@gmail.com
Phone number: 8013675734

Tenant details

Hemant is a dedicated and hard-working professional currently employed at Amazon in Bangalore. Originally hailing from Kolkata, he moved to Bangalore 5 years ago and has been a responsible and dependable tenant ever since. Hemant is a single/bachelor and enjoys the freedom that comes with it. He is a non-vegetarian and enjoys trying out new cuisines in his free time.

Hemant is now in search of a new house and hopes to find a place with a friendly owner and all the basic amenities he needs within a budget of Rs 10000. He values peace and privacy and expects the same from his landlord. Hemant is a respectful and quiet tenant who takes good care of the property he rents.

In his free time, Hemant enjoys exploring the city, trying new restaurants and cafes, and attending live music performances. He is an avid reader and also enjoys watching movies and TV shows. With his positive attitude and responsible behavior, any landlord would be lucky to have Hemant as a tenant

Regularity in rent payment
Bill payments
Maintenance of rooms
Cleanliness of house
Kitchen maintenance
Society behaviour

References about the tenant

Would like to call him a buddy rather than a tenant .Good person and exceptional tenant

Excellent tenant maintained the house very well.would love to have him again as tenant 

No troubles having as a tenant.was good 

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