IT professional at IBM

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Details of tenant that are verified:
Address: Villupuram
Email: hemalatha272k@gmail.com
Phone number: (979) 131-3645

Tenant details

Hemalatha, an IT professional from Tamil Nadu, has recently moved to Bangalore and is currently working at IBM. She is a bachelor and a first-time tenant in the city. She is a vegetarian and prefers a fully furnished one-room kitchen with basic amenities like water, electricity backup, and parking. She is looking for a friendly owner who can provide her with a house that fits her requirements and is within a budget of 10k.

As a first-time tenant, Hemalatha is looking forward to a comfortable and hassle-free living experience. She is a responsible and tidy person who will take good care of the property. Hemalatha believes in maintaining a peaceful and respectful relationship with the landlord and expects the same from them.

Hemalatha’s experience as an IT professional has made her an organized and efficient person. She values her privacy and is not interested in any kind of interference from the landlord. She is open to negotiating the terms of the lease and is willing to provide a deposit if required. Any landlord who is looking for a reliable and responsible tenant would be glad to have Hemalatha as their tenant.

Regularity in rent payment
Bill payments
Maintenance of rooms
Cleanliness of house
Kitchen maintenance
Society behaviour

References about the tenant

Would like to call her a buddy rather than a tenant .Good person and exceptional tenant

Excellent tenant maintained the house very well.would love to have her again as tenant 

No troubles having as a tenant.was good 

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